Mary Kate McCarthy

NDA '14
Senior at Boston University

“The Academy teaches you how to work hard and manage your time, which are foundational skills for college. Being surrounded by other students who are working hard to reach their full potential inspired me to do the same. The experience was empowering not competitive and fully prepared me for the workload of college.”

Where she is now: Mary Kate attended Boston University with a full tuition, 4-year Cardinal Mederios Scholarship. She graduated in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in English Education and a Bachelor of Arts in English. Currently, Mary Kate is earning her Master's degree in English from Boston University.

Mary Kate’s future: Mary Kate has enrolled in an accelerated degree program and will finish her graduate coursework early in January 2019. With her Massachusetts teaching license, Bachelor's and Master's degrees, Mary Kate in planning to teach middle or high school English locally.

Mary Kate’s involvement at NDA: Mary Kate was a member of the National Honor Society, Drama Guild and Glee Club. She also participated in liturgical dance, tennis and volleyball.

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